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About Us

From its inception, Clinimed CareLabs Diagnostics has set a supreme standard of diagnostic accuracy to combat various ailments. We are distinguished as a groundbreaker in molecular oncology by the range of tests we offer, the volume of pathological tests we perform at the clinic and the clarity with absolute consultations. Keep faith on us, we will surely choose the right test for your ailing patient from our catalog.

Within a very short span, Clinimed CareLabs has become quite a trusted name among so many renowned diagnostic centers in Kolkata offering lab services for Gastroenterology, Oncology, Cardiology, Nephrology, and also pregnancy profile.

The Founder Dr. Priyabrata Das and Dr. Swati Dasgupta Ray have specialization in Hemato-oncology with the emergence of practical applications of molecular oncology. Their qualitative research work on medical science leads our extensive panel of medical staff in their respective domains and they do understand that behind every clinical test they undertake, there is a human life. Clinimed ensures all of the services networks are strong thus enabling to serve best in every possible way.

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Our Mission

Clinimed CareLabs strives to offer world-class healthcare by providing the most accurate and inclusive diagnostic tests within easy reach of every customer. We proudly challenge the limits of conventional diagnostics through a winning combination of contemporary, international technology and effective procedures that help diagnose diseases with greater speed and perfection. 

Our Vision

With all the technological excellence of modern diagnostic centers with the expertise of skilled doctors, medical professionals, and staff, Clinimed CareLabs clinic helps every patient get correct and reliable reports. We aim to become the go-to-place for people for all their diagnostic needs. We are here with the answers people are looking for, with compassionate care in budget, and service within the shortest duration.

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