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Diabetic Profile

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Top Booked Diabetic Profile Tests

Complete Blood Count Automated Blood

Sugar F

Sugar PP

Consult with diatitian

Top Diagnostic Tests

Pre marriage profile

Full Health Check Up

Ovarian Cancer Monitoring Profile

Pre employment profile

Periodically Monitor Blood Sugar Levels 

Effectively managing diabetes requires regular testing and proper treatment for stable blood sugar levels. A diabetic profile test not only examines your blood for high sugar levels but also comprises other tests for hemogram profile. This test is recommended for pre-diabetic patients or people who want to monitor diabetes. At CliniMed CareLabs, we provide best-in-class diabetes tests and trusted doctors and dietitians. 

CliniMed CareLabs is one of the best diabetes testing centers in Kolkata that helps you reduce diabetes-associated risk and further complications. Here are the different diabetic profile tests available at our center: Sugar F, Sugar PP, and HBA1c. Our specialized care also allows patients to consult with dietitians and doctors to keep track of their overall health and get recommendations based on their medical condition. In instances of any abnormality, our experts can advise medication or preventive lifestyle changes to control diabetes and keep other associated diseases at bay.

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