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Digital XRay

Colour Doppler Test


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Full Health Check Up

Ovarian Cancer Monitoring Profile

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Diagnostic Imaging Services Kolkata

A variety of tests are used in imaging to provide images of various body sections. Checking for potential medical issues before symptoms show up can be helpful. determine the most likely source of the current symptoms.


CliniMed CareLabs has a long history of setting the standard for diagnostic imaging. In Kolkata. PACS enables simultaneous access to pictures and data by numerous users at various locations, facilitating on-the-spot consultations between the medical team and our committed, knowledgeable radiologists.


We are aware that a proper diagnosis is the first step on the road to recovery. Because of this, our diagnostic imaging department offers cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment services. We've made investments in cutting-edge technology to provide you with a rapid and accurate diagnosis right here in Kolkata.


Our skilled technicians and employees, who carry out diagnostic tests with individual care and attention, only serve to reinforce this cutting-edge technology. They take the time to thoroughly explain each step of the process so that you are aware of what to expect at every stage.

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