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Molecular Biology

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Providing better healthcare with patient-definite molecular diagnostic data

Molecular biology studies human diseases by focusing on genomic and proteomic analysis to understand the patient’s biological composition. It creates better diagnostic assays and helps find new treatments or cures by identifying disease biomarkers. At Clinimed CareLabs, we use various techniques for molecular diagnostic applications such as PCR amplification, STR analysis, nucleic acid isolation, quantification, and sequencing.

We use state-of-the-art instrumentation to offer around 30 different molecular laboratory tests in Kolkata, including Chicken Pox (varicella), CMV (Cytomegallo virus), Double Marker Pregnancy, Gamma Interferon for TB, Protein C and S, Swine Flu, Troponin-I and T, Karyotyping, HCV-RNA Qualitative PCR, and Herpex Simplex Virus 1 and 2. Our range of tests can identify patients’ genetic variants to determine their tendency to disease and possible responses to an alternative treatment. Our team of dedicated professionals has a strong experience in molecular biology and follows stringent international standards and procedures to meet the highest quality requirements of a molecular diagnostics lab.

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