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Dr. Krishti Chatterjee



Best Pathologist Doctor Kolkata

Welcome to CliniMed CareLabs, Kolkata - where the expertise of our top-notch pathologists, coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern technologies, offers world-class pathology services to our patients.


If you're looking for a reliable and accurate diagnosis of your disease, look no further than our Pathology Department. Our team of expert pathologists is counted among the best in Kolkata, offering timely and most advanced diagnosis services to patients from all walks of life.


Our pathology doctors are well-versed in histopathology and cytopathology, two branches of pathology that help identify diseases on a cellular level. With years of experience and expertise, our pathologists accurately identify diseases, draft out an effective treatment plan, and provide the best possible care to our patients.


At CliniMed CareLabs, Kolkata, we receive a large number of histology specimens, cytology specimens, and cervical smears for analysis and identification. We offer analysis for tissue biopsies and resections from various sites, including cancer biopsies and complex cancer resections. Our pathologists are also adept at reporting on fluid cytology specimens and cervical smears, providing exceptional support from a large panel of immunohistochemical markers for diagnosis and therapeutic and prognostic immunohistochemical tests.


Our pathologist Kolkata team has access to the most advanced diagnostic technologies and facilities, which ensures that our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis possible. We take pride in our infrastructure, which is equipped with modern technologies that enable our doctors to deliver the best possible care to our patients.


If you're looking for the best pathologist in Kolkata, look no further than CliniMed CareLabs. Our team of expert pathologists is dedicated to providing timely and most accurate analysis of diseases, helping you identify your condition, and draft out a treatment plan based on your unique needs. So, if you want to get back on the road to good health, book an appointment with us today.

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